About us

Our Youthfund is a donation fund that supports children, young people and their families both mentally and materially.

Our mission

To support young people in need. Help them find goals and ways to achieve them, also to help create a psychological and social foundation for them to avoid mental health problems, suicide and reduce crime.

  • Organizes city camps and group work with a psychological background

  • Creates a youth day center for continuous support, development and counseling of young people

  • Conducts all kinds of seminars, lectures and information sessions

  • Organizes cultural program and etiquette courses to improve and develop the cultural background of young people

  • Purchases, rents and otherwise puts into use equipment needed to help, support and improve the living conditions of young people and their families

  • Uses money and property received as donations economically, taking into account the goals of the non-profit association.


Noortefond MTÜ

Registry code: 80594976

Tegevusaadress: Estonia pst. 5a Tallinn Harjumaa 10145

+372 56472787

Our partners

Help and information lines


State helpline, which is also used as a crisis information line in the case of crises.

  • From 1 January 2021, you can also call 1247 to report to the national information lineenvironmental infringements and incidents.

126 (in Estonian)
127 (in Russian)

646 6666 (for young people)

Urgent psychological help hotline

On the Internet:

6558088 (in Estonian)

6555688 (in Russian)

Hotline of NGO Eluliin

On the Internet:

631 4300

Psychological crisis intervention helpline

116 006

National victim support helpline (round the clock)
Online counselling:,,

16 662

Poisoning helpline provides advice and help in the case of any poisonings. The information helpline runs by the Health Board is open:


Elektrilevi’s hotline for reporting outages provides information in the case of power cuts.


environmental telephone

By calling the Environmental Inspectorate’s information hotline, you can report cases of environmental pollution or contamination or a risk thereof, a discovery of large numbers of dead animals or birds, or any violation of environmental laws.


road information telephone

You can find information about road conditions on the Road Administration’s webpages and


The family physician information line provides advice in the case of health problems which do not require urgent intervention.


The paediatrician information line is open every day from 08:00 to 24:00, call fee is 1 euro per minute.


Helpline for women is an anonymous hotline for women who are experiencing domestic violence.

116 111

Child helpline 116111 is a round-the-clock free of charge service for reporting a child in need of help or asking advice on topics related to children.

9001 032

Fee-based weather information from the State Weather Service – call fee 1.10 euros per minute.


emergency hotline

By calling the rescue service information line, you can ask advice on the security of your home and report dangerous buildings.

(+372) 5301 9999

The 24 h information line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides advice and assistance when you get into trouble abroad.

14410 (24 h)

Tallinn Municipal Police helpline

7358 536 

(Monday-Friday 8:00-16:30)

Hotline for infectious animal disease and zoonosis